Green Energy Sources capture their energy from existing flows of energy, from on-going natural processes, which are continuously replenished and inexhaustible such as sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, tides, water, and various forms of biomass.

Unlike fossil base energy sources, Green Energy Sources never run out and utilizing it, our planet is protected significantly while reducing the amount of carbon emissions and eliminate toxic particles that produced from fossil base energy sources. Another convincing benefit is to mitigate energy dependency on fossil fuel by improving energy security as well as reducing energy bill.

We, EnergyThings, aim to create “Green Energy of Things” by blending Internet of Things (IOT) with Green Energy to convert your home a connected microgrid for being a part of a global green energy network where your power can be on all the time.


our mission

To expedite the transforming & adaptation of clean energy to protect our environment, provide environmental friendly & sustainable energy supply by persuading non-clean energy users to join us.


our vision

Throughout our high ambition, expending our network on global scale to provide flexibility on energy generation and trading by aiming to become one of the leading clean energy solution provider in the world.


our solution

We provide a complete package of green energy system which to be used as a presumer and a trader via our global network to generate sustainable power and additional revenue.


our support

To provide several packages based on users’ profiles, from residential to commercial level, via our experts through pre-sale to aftersale.



We strive to create an admirable global network of clean energy user. With our team, we aim to protect and rehabilitate the environment and help to create a better life for each of us.


CO-Founder & CEO

Sahachart Janklan

UX Designer

OUR SKILLS | Core Competencies

Our competent team members gained their expertises in several areas and gathered in the right place to share a common goal to achieve.

Green Energy Knowledge

Device Setup

Energythings Application

Green Energy Advisor

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